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The Four Themes of Just Call Me Dad

Just Call Me Dad: 13 Principles for Better Dads, Better Kids and a Better World, has four main themes.


Theme #1:  Don’t be THAT dad!  Being a competitive athlete, it was a difficult journey for me to become a dad, but this world needs dads to step up our game.


Theme #2:  You can learn a lot from John Wooden and great quotes.  I think most things in life are pretty basic, and a short quote like “Don’t be a victim” can take you a long way toward success.


Theme #3:  God has a plan.  My plan was to be a professional baseball player and a broadcaster, not to become a dad during my junior year of college, but my book is about how things worked out the way they were supposed to.  It may not have happened exactly as I drew it up, but God had a plan.  He still does, and we are all a part of it.


Theme #4:  Christianity is true.  I put together one hundred or so Sunday school lessons using videos I found on the internet, and I organized the best ones into the thirteen principles.  Using this contemporary approach to present the Bible, I share these true stories, which I call modern-day parables, with the reader.  This book also contains 140 Bible verses and a wide array of examples of Christian apologetics.

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