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The Four Themes of Just Call Me Dad




Let’s work together to develop your children’s Christian character.

Over a thirteen week period, we would like to walk you and your children through the thirteen principles.   Five times a week, we will text you and your children one of the videos or lessons mentioned in the book.  This will allow you, your children and us to communicate back and forth regarding any questions arising while reading the book and reviewing the material sent to you.  

Through this process, we hope to help your children figure out Better Kids Game Plans that include their career paths, getting them to think about their purposes in life and whom they are going to eventually marry. This process is intended to help them develop good habits and a serve rather than deserve attitude.  

Finally and most importantly, if God’s plan isn’t for your children to have the normal eighty years here on Earth, would they be prepared to go to Heaven and hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25, verses 21 and 23)?  

“Prepare your child for the path, instead of the path for the child.”–Tim Elmore

To learn more, check out www.betterdadsbetterkids.com or email us at justcallmedad1313@gmail.com. 

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