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The God of the Bible is true.  He cares about you and has a perfect place for you called Heaven. On earth we will have struggles. Some of those struggles are because we don't listen to what God tells us in the Bible. Some of those struggles are because God wants to strengthen us. Just like we get stronger physically by lifting weights, we can get stronger mentally and spiritually by dealing with heavy objects as well. But Job 1:1 says he was blameless and upright: he feared God and shunned evil. Yet God chose for him to go through hell. I get upset and depressed when things don't go my way. I tell God all the ways that he is doing things wrong. But then I realize how silly it is to tell the God of the universe that he doesn't know what he is doing. As hard as life is when you have the owners manual (Bible), I can't imagine how hard life is without it. I would guess 90% of our society hasn't studied the owners manual. We always think we have a better way and the Bible no longer applies. Hopefully we won't waste these hurts and get back to "In God we Trust."